Sep. 4th, 2010

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we walk down the street and he asks me,
"so have you got the hang of the traffic flow yet?"
"yeah," is say, "except i've noticed something odd,
which is that yesterday i was walking along and thinking
of the united states, and suddenly i found myself
looking the wrong way at corners again."

"that makes sense, i guess," he says, "i mean,
if you think about the u.s. for long enough
you might end up in a reverie, and then look
the wrong way because it makes sense to you,
in context."
"ha," i say, "'wind up in a reverie,' like it's
a wrong turn you make while driving, and then
you're stuck in a roundabout you can't exit
until you go in circles a few times."

"see?" he says. "you just come up with these metaphors
on the fly, and yet you haven't been able to write
any poetry lately. why don't you turn that into one?"
"it must be the crippling self-doubt," i say,
and laugh because i am joking

and i am not joking

and that's the way i like it.

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