Oct. 2nd, 2010

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which means "shut up"
is the only hebrew word i know
after three years in a classroom with four girls
who sat in a corner, and twelve boys
who shouted, cursed, threw things, abused the teacher
to her face, refused to listen, refused to sheket.

what else can you expect
when the first lesson we were taught
was that man's first and biggest mistake
was to listen to a woman?

it would have been four years but i quit
when two boys threw salt in my eyes after class.
i never learned my haftorah
but i learned something more:

sarah can laugh if she wants to
rachel can get married first
lot's wife deserved a name
and his daughters, and jephthah's daughter
and all of adam's daughters -
everyone deserves a name
and no one deserves to die

and i will not sit quietly in a corner
i will not obey your book
i will not become complicit in a system
that makes women victims and men violent
i will not be told i am not a person
i will not be abused, i will not be a sacrifice
i will not be a gift, i will not be afraid
i will not be nameless

and i will not shut up.

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