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to Nimue, if she should someday return to find me, which she won't

You thought you were tricking me,
but you had it backwards.
You thought you could flatter me
by calling me wise, but I know
all too well my wisdom is an illusion,
a misconception caused by always knowing what will be -

but (as I'm sure you know by now)
magic always comes with a price, and mine
was that while I always know what will happen
I have no idea what I've done.

But - I knew what you would do
if I let you
so I did. You see,
the thing about living backwards
is that one morning you wake up
with the fear you may have atoned for all your sins
before you committed any.

And now I am young but I am old and I am afraid, Nimue -
Do the gates of heaven open in reverse?
Would they let me enter
if I just kept walking as I always have,
putting one foot behind the other?

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