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dream poem no. 2: stabbing the spider man

I told you to get the gun from the car
but there was no gun
and now there is no you -

just me and the old man
with eight eyes and eight limbs
brandishing a deck of cards and leering,
hooked nose and ear hair
and dried blood in the corners of his mouth.

He is just playing with me,
it is only a matter of time.
I don't know where I got the scissors in my hand,
but there are scissors in my hand
and there is no gun.
This will have to do.

Three nights later you come home.
I am in the shower,
one of your shoes is on the bathroom floor,
and you ask, "Was there a bug?"

"Yes," I say, "but I killed it."
But I didn't kill it.
I hit the ground beside it
until I chased it out of sight
under the sink.
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