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young poets

You take another long, slow drag off your cigarette,
then grind it beneath your heel.

You start writing poetry because of death
and a conviction nobody else could possibly understand

and then you move on to sex, and then maybe death
again, or death and sex, and then eventually

after you've gotten all the doths and souls out of your system,
after you're experienced enough to know

you're so much better than that now, you move on
to death and sex and cigarettes.

on 2010-10-10 02:59 am (UTC)
ardhra: view of the head of a large hot pink fibreglass panther covered in black sticker bindhis (rinky dink)
Posted by [personal profile] ardhra
At first I was all "I never do this! all my poetry is about politics", but then I shot off poems about death, and sex, respectively, so I guess my only saving grace is that I don't smoke. Although now I want to write about it.

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