Nov. 5th, 2010 05:51 am
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In case anyone was wondering (ha), I haven't dropped off the face off the earth, or stopped writing poetry. Well, kind of. I've abandoned the one-poem-every-day strategy for the sake of my sanity, and decided to replace it with a more modest and reasonable one-poem-every-week goal. This week, however, I've been working on revising some works for possible submission to publications, which means

1) no new poetry

2) no revisions posted here (just on the off chance that anyone should consider this to count as "previous publication"). I might also lock up any posts with first drafts of poems I'm revising, just to be on the safe side (thus far, only "Learning to live on the island").

If anyone is crazy/generous enough to want to see my revisions and provide critical feedback, it'd be much appreciated. Shoot me an email/comment/facebook message/whatever and let me know.
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So I've been doing this for three weeks now, and this last week things have gotten markedly more difficult. Why?

Part of it is probably that my brain wants a break after a few weeks of poetry writing, a little bit of time to think of some new ideas.

Part of it is just that my schedule is really grueling and fitting poetry in is next to impossible (see how there was no poem yesterday? That's because I woke up at eight a.m., went directly to work, went directly from work to a family dinner, and then went directly home because and immediately fell asleep because I was exhausted. Unless I'd happened to come up with a poem in the 20 minutes I spent on the train to work at 8:30, there just wasn't any time to sit and think about poetry. And that kind of sucks, but having days where you just have a social life aren't really something to complain about either).

Part of it is probably that my brain has two modes: art mode and writing mode. I've noticed, over 24 years of regularly doing both, that when I'm thinking in one mode I have a lot of trouble switching to the other. I go through phases where I concentrate on one and ignore the other, then I switch. Right now, I think I'm really in art mode but I keep trying to write anyway, which is frustrating me, because what I really want to be doing is working on my next thing to sell on etsy (it's about 1/4 finished right now).

So: I'm taking the weekend off. Weekends are the time I've found it hardest to stick to this schedule anyway, for whatever reason. I'm going to play some games, listen to some Margaret Atwood lectures on debt, solve some puzzles, make some more art, and not kick myself for not writing poetry. Then on monday I'll come back and try again.

by the way

Oct. 6th, 2010 05:31 pm
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If anyone wants to give me any sort of feedback on any of these poems, I'd welcome it. They're all rougher than kinky sex on a beach made of sandpaper, so they can use all the refining they can get.
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that i am trying an experiment where i write one poem every day for the next year. mostly to see if i have the willpower. it's a little bit like the 24-hour writing experiment, but in longform, and with more class (because it's poetry, natch).

to this end i have armed myself with this blog and a narrow japanese lacquer box-style paperblank notebook, chosen for several reasons (1. it fits in my purse and is therefore portable, 2. it is beautiful, 3. i have taught myself to write in paperblank journals without having a crisis about ruining something beautiful because my dream journals are paperblanks, 4. i have taught myself to write in paperblank journals on a regular basis [see no. 3]). i despise journals without sufficient width as a general rule, but necessity dictates that i put up with it in this case. perhaps it will encourage me to be concise.

i have also locked all of my non-project related journal entries. they're still there, but if you want to read them, you need to be on my access list. if you want to be on my list, just ask. mostly i'm just doing it this way so that the poetry isn't getting all mixed up with me complaining about work or worrying that i'm drinking too much coffee or whatever.

also, it should go without saying, but since it probably doesn't: all poetry (and other any writing, and hell any artwork i might post on a whim as well) in this blog, both already-written and yet-to-come, are copyright me. i'm pretty generous with my work and if you ask to use it for something, i'll almost certainly agree as long as you give me credit for it (i mean hell, it's not as if poetry makes any money anyway). but if you don't ask, i'll cry. and that will be on your conscience forever.

and now, gentle reader, brace yourself for a year of probably-rather-bad poetry.

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